PRICING Cinema Pine Ste. Adele



Regular features

Adultes, 16 to  64Years  -


65 and over with Proof-


Youth 6 to 15 Years

8.69 $ 

Children 5 Years and Under
 Weekday Matinées 16 Years and Over


UPCHARGE  of $3.04 on all category for 3D Features

Opera series

Adultes, 16 to  64Years


65 Years and over with Proof


UNDER 16 Years


 WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY MATINÉE  SPECIALS 8.69$ ($3.04 surcharge for 3D)



* Seasonal Non Valid certain periods (I:E Holiday Season Christmas, And Summer High Season.

 (Non Valid Mid June to End August....)

Prices are Net  Taxes added at purchase.
As we say in the north: "Come rain or shine" the stars shine in Ste-Adele, for over 70 years!! By offering you quality films!! Under Tom Fermanian’s management, second generation owner, as maintained the movie theatre’s reputation different from all others, by presenting most films in their original version. Here we find the best English movies, the top Quebec films and the crème of European film production in their original languages.

Cinema Pine has been the first of Quebec’s independent owners to multiply its number of screens. A first in 1948, second in 1978, third in 1982, fourth and fifth in 1987 and an all new three screen complex opening in 1995. We were the first to boast "love seats", DTS sound quality and the first theatre in Quebec, second in Canada, to install a DOLBY DIGITAL sound system.All our Cinemas are 100% Digital, featuring Dolby 7.1 Sound * (in some auditorium) Real D 3D too!!

Cinema Pine is the Mecca where film connoisseurs, a large portion of the arts community come appreciate their film in remarkable conditions. Many a film producer and director come test their copy # "0" at Pine.


Find us

Coming from the south on Highway 15 or Route 117, at exit #67, you’ll find yourself on Route 117 which becomes Sainte Adele Boulevard. Pass 4 traffic lights and we’re on the left corner of the 117 and Morin Street.

Coming from the north, if you’re on Highway 15, take the Ste-Adele exit, turn left and go straight until Pierre Peladeau Boulevard where you’ll turn right. Then at the first traffic light, we’ll be on your right, corner of Morin Street and Route 117.

Complex #1: 24 Morin Street

Complex #2: mere steps from the first at 1146 Valiquette Street. From complex #1, crossing Morin Street, Valiquette Street is on your left. When you see Spago’s restaurant, complex #2 is right behind it. It’s the third building starting from the corner of Morin & Valiquette.

24 hour film info - Sainte-Adèle
450-229-7655 ou 450-229-PINE (7463)
For Lost and found or group rates
(Sorry no film or any other  other informations will be given at that number  at that number)